Casting call for comic adaptation The Fashion Police

From the comic book series now being adapted into a feature film. Introducing the Fashion Police – the search for America’s Most Flaunted. With the advent of the new millenium, corruption has eaten at the very fabric of New York City’s fashion industry. Tip-offs, rip-offs, knock-offs and show-offs have amplified its cry for justice. The Fashion Police includes Cleo, Toni, Sydney and the mysterious Mika.

Cosmetropolis is their city, and it needs them more than ever.

Lead characters to be cast include this weekend include:

Cleopatra “Cleo” Styles (African-American)
They say beauty is only skin-deep, but ugliness cuts straight to the bone. Still, beauty gets a bad wrap sometimes. At 37, this ex-supermodel has held her 6-foot frame together well. When her fame and beauty were nothing more than rumor, “Cleo” decided to re-invent herself. Building her own modeling and talent agency from scratch, Catwalk Celebrities has become the new cat’s meow of Fashion Avenue. Now, as lead detective, she’s gone from covergirl to undercover woman.

Antonia “Toni” Colon (Hispanic)
They don’t come any tougher than “Toni”. Between the age range of 19-22, she’s lived a lifetime of ups and downs … mostly downs. Still, everyone in “el barrio” is proud of her recent scholarship to Bronx Academy of Photography. With a “focus, aim and shoot” mentality, her camera is her livelihood. But her marksmanship makes her deadly. She is both motivated and tormented by her mother’s untimely passing.

Sydney Powers (Caucasian)
Action does speak louder than words, but let’s be reasonable! At age 28, “Syd the Kidd” stuntwoman has broken plenty of hearts and a fair share of bones … most of them her own. Ironically she eats all the right foods though her appetite is reserved for pain, punishment and danger. The perfect recipe for disaster is always brewing and often boiling over!

Mika (Asian)
At age 20-something, she’s already one of the most promising power brokers at the New York Stock Exchange. She masters some ancient combination of dance and martial arts. Let’s just say “one strike and you’re out!” We assume she’s of Asian descent. She doesn’t talk much about herself … no one asks. Meet “Mika”. No family. No past. No questions.

Supporting Roles will also be cast, female and male. Details will be announced shortly.

Executive Team:

  • Producer & Director: Bruce A. Penn
  • Creative Director: Michael Newton
  • Casting Director: Wes Clark
  • Marketing Director: Adora Penn
  • Media & Publicity: Wm. Michael Reid
  • Director of Photography: Lloyd Crawford
  • Costume Designer: Alve Alexander
  • Fashion Director: Simone Brooks

Saturday, December 6, 2008
12:00 noon – 2:00pm

Pearl Studios
500 Eighth Avenue (Between 35th & 36th Streets)
Room 402
New York City

Take the A, C or E subway to the 34th Street and 8th Avenue station. Walk 1 block north to 35th Street.

Casting Requirements:

  • Must bring Comp Cards, Headshot, and Resume. No exceptions.
  • Must bring proper ID. Preferred 18 and older.
  • Arrive early to fill out a Casting Application.
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