Trailer online for remake of early Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Lodger

The Lodger follows the story of a couple that rents out a room to a mysterious young man, who may or may not be a serial killer responsible for a series of grisly neighborhood murders. The Lodger is a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1927 black and white thriller of the same name. David Ondaatje directs ….

Wall-E Blu-ray disc review

Next Tuesday, Disney-Pixar will release the monumental animated film Wall-E, Blu-ray hi-def and DVD. Oscar-winning director Andrew Stanton’s touching story of Wall-E, is a masterwork of animation and technical achievement on par with Pixar’s very best movies. Wall-E proves that a film loaded with technology, can still be heart-felt, enjoyable and unbelievably fun for children ….

Special Wall-E movie clips, trivia, quiz, brand new photos and a hidden item game

One of the year’s most acclaimed and original films, an intergalactic story of the lovable robot Wall-E, comes home to Blu-ray and DVD on November 18th, 2008, courtesy of Walt Disney Studios, just in time for the holidays. Disney-Pixar’s hilarious box-office favorite transports viewers to another galaxy with five different versions. Fans can choose from ….

Watchmen director Zack Snyder discusses why Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino kick ass

MySpace Comics got an exclusive interview with Watchmen director Zack Snyder, as he tells us why Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino kick ass, in this behind-the-scenes video interview on the making of the film. Watchmen is a complex, multi-layered mystery adventure, Watchmen is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part ….

Image Metrics creates gaming and film divisions to focus on the needs of each

Image Metrics, a leading provider of facial animation solutions for the entertainment industry, is aligning its operations into video game and film and TV divisions to address the growing demand for its services in both industries. “With leading visual effects companies and game developers outsourcing key production components to specialized experts like Image Metrics, demand ….

CSI: Season Eight DVD review

Season Eight of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, was recently released on DVD. The latest chapter in the groundbreaking series continues the exploits of the passionate team of forensic investigators who examine every ounce of evidence, in order to solve dramatic, sometimes gruesome crimes. In the 17 episode season, traumatic events reshape the focus and tone ….

Ong Bak 2 approaches finish line

Variety is reporting that the long delayed Ong bak 2, has finally set a release date. The sequel to the 2003 breakout hit, is scheduled to be released on December 5th 2008. The date was confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday, held by the film’s star and first-time director Tony Jaa. According to Somsak ….

Win a framed Thomas Kinkade painting

The family film Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage, hit store shelves yesterday, and to celebrate the release, Lions Gate is sponsoring a giveaway, that includes a Framed Limited Edition canvas painting of the the Christmas Cottage from the film, by the artist. CLICK HERE to enter the contest. More about Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage Eight-time Academy ….