Fear Itself: Episode One Review

I just finished watching the premiere of Fear Itself on NBC. The television series is broken down into 13 separate 60 minute films fleshed out by today’s premiere horror writers and directors. Mick Garris, who brought us Masters of Horror on Shotime, and Masters of Science Fiction on ABC, created this one too. Of the …

Two new trailers for X-Files: I Want to Believe online

Two new story-revealing trailers for X-Files 2 are online. The one just below comes from Joblo.com. Click on the official website link below the embed to see the Flash trailer there. See another cut of this trailer at www.xfiles.com [amazonify]B000UZDO5I::text:filmfetish-20:::Click here to get the original X-Files series on DVD[/amazonify]

Details on Mermaid Island

I read some details about upcoming U.S.-Chinese co-production Mermaid Island on monkeypeaches. The ocean-set story revolves around four races, which include humans, mermaids, some beastie and mythical creatures, that don’t always see eye to eye. The Romeo and Juliet-sounding story may revolve around a love story between man and mermaid. The script is by Randall …

Original Incredible Hulk TV series on Sci-Fi

I still think Bill Bixby’s Dr. David Bruce Banner was the best comic-characterization in TV history. As Universal and Marvel Studio’s Incredible Hulk film is about to smash theaters, it makes sense to bring back the show. I just wish iit wasn’t via marathon format. It will be on from June 9-13. Check out Sci-Fi’s …