Motion Picture Hall of Fame to build themed museum in Las Vegas

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame has completed its audit for the years 2005 and 2006 and is preparing for filing with the SEC a registration statement that will be followed by an application for its common stock to be listed on the OTC Bulletin Board, reported Robert Alexander, CEO of The Motion Picture Hall of Fame.

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation and memory of the best of the best in the motion picture industry. It proposes to build museums throughout the world that will become permanent tributes to the motion picture industry’s glory and its magical, timeless appeal to audiences around the globe.

“The Motion Picture Hall of Fame has entered into a long-term management agreement with Ripley Leisure Management of Orlando, Florida for Ripley to design, build, maintain and manage our themed attractions,” Alexander said. Ripley’s is well experienced in the development and operation of themed entertainment tourist attractions. It owns and operates over 65 museums and attractions in eleven countries. Its attractions include: Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums, Guinness World Records Museums and Ripley’s Aquariums.

“Our management contract with Ripley contemplates that our company shall either own or long-term lease the physical facilities in which The Motion Picture Hall of Fame’s themed attractions shall be built and maintained,” said Alexander. “We are currently negotiating to build the first facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have secured the financing of this approximately $9,000,000.00 facility with investors and lenders,” Alexander said.

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame’s website is located at, where it presents its vision for its activities and museums.

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