Atlantic Syndication Seeking Independent Film Projects


Atlantic Syndication Network, a U.S.-based multi-media, television production and distribution company, announced that it has recruited big-budget talent and veterans to meet the current market demand for quality low-budget Independent films for domestic and international distribution.

The producers and ASNI management are actively reviewing a proposed slate of films with budgets under $2 million for the company to produce in 2007 and 2008. Projections include development, production and distribution of 3 films per year.

ASNI’s focus is to expand in all areas of film, television and the multi-media market place. The worldwide expansion and need for films and television, video on demand (V.O.D.) for the internet, and the DVD distribution network provide independent film companies creating quality product the opportunity to compete on the world stage with the potential to generate incredible income. It is reported that the U.S. theatrical market alone is generating nearly $20 Billion per year, the DVD market is closing in on $18 Billion per year and internet films via V.O.D. are rapidly gaining momentum. ASNi’s multi-media development phase with the internet and V.O.D. has prepared the company to complement and effectively participate in these arenas.

President Kent Wyatt states that he and his business associates “believe the company’s strategic alliances within Hollywood and the Television Film Industry will aid in the development and distribution of its projects.”

Find out more info at the company’s website RIGHT HERE

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