A Fan-Based Donation System for Filmmakers


VersusMedia recently launched its latest project called ProductionArmy.com. This new tool for independent filmmakers offers indie film buffs the exclusive opportunity to participate in the production process. For a donation as low as $5, fans can receive something in return – a thank you in the film credits, a memento with the movie logo (mug, shirt, hat), or even the opportunity to be an extra in a film. Donations can be made directly through the website. Additionally, fans can learn more about films while they’re still in production, view trailers and clips from the movies, and discuss films in forums.

Fledgling filmmakers often need financial support for their projects. In the past, they have asked friends and family to donate money to help the cause. Now, ProductionArmy.com offers filmmakers not only a platform to obtain financial aid, but also advertising. By posting images, actor bios, and film updates, independent filmmakers can give their fans a closer look at the inner workings of movie making, while enticing them to donate money in return for an experience they won’t get anywhere else.

Ryan Vinson, founder of VersusMedia and ProductionArmy.com stated: “I’m very excited about the launching of ProductionArmy.com because it takes another step in helping promote and develop hardworking independent filmmakers. It makes it very easy for the fans to become involved in the overall production process. It’s a rewarding experience for those fans devoted to their filmmakers.”

VersusMedia, which unites filmmakers with musicians, has a strong following in the independent film industry, and has collaborated with over 1,500 filmmakers worldwide. For more information on how you can join the Production Army, visit www.productionarmy.com

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