Bill Maher from Real Time with Bill Maher |

I don’t have to leave the theater whistling, but would it kill you once in a while to make a movie that doesn’t make me want to take a bath with the toaster. Academy nominations used to say, 'Look what great movies we make.' Now they say, 'Look what good people we are.' It’s not about entertainment, it’s about suffering, specifically yours.

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By: Bill Maher
From: Real Time with Bill Maher
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Parody

Bill Maher made the point on his show Real Time with Bill Maher, that we could use more escapism in movies during this year of plague and tumult. The statement was discussed in an article about cultural shifts in the art of moviemaking and the shrinking audience of The Academy Awards by Maureen Dowd.


Elvira |

I'm you, except with bigger tits!

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By: Elvira
Genres: Parody

Since Jon Stewart showed Elvira's picture last week on his show, comparing the "Cult Cinema Icon" to congressional candidate Christine O'Donnell, she has decided to make her very own paid political announcement.