Nitehawk Cinema unleashes Legend of 90’s Kung Fu screening series

Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn is having a retrospective screening series of kung fu movies for their ongoing Midnite cult film series. Go get your eyes peeled back all January as Nitehawk unfolds the Legend of 90’s Kung Fu. All screenings will be presented in 35MM. The series includes screenings of: Once Upon a Time in ….

Iron Monkey Blu-ray review

Iron Monkey is the story of an adolescent Wong Fei Hung (the Chinese folk hero, here played by Tsang Sze Man) who is held captive after his father, Wong Kei Ying (Donnie Yen), is arrested and accused of being an elusive Robinhood-style masked freedom fighter nicknamed Iron Monkey. Like ‘Monkey’, Ying practices a very unique ….