Homecoming movie trailer

A former star high school quarterback returns to his small hometown with a new girlfriend, a pretty rich girl from Chicago. No one is more shocked than his jealous former prom queen ex-girlfriend, who sets out to take care of the problem at all costs.

The 100 Most Wanted Women on the net

[poll id=”6″] Recently Chickipedia.com, the world’s first wiki-based database of famous women, named the top 100 most searched for women on the site. Topping the list of this year’s most-searched women is Jessica Alba. Chickipedia receives over 1,000,000 unique visitors every month. It is entirely user-generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, …

Assassination of a High School President film synopsis

High School. Four of the most important years of your life. But it isn’t always dances and keg parties and sucking face in your parents’ mini-van. Sometimes it’s ugly and hard and complicated. As complicated as a conspiracy to overthrow the president… There’s something rotten at St. Donovan’s High and sophomore newspaper reporter Bobby Funke …