Premonition Trailer

Sony has provided me with links to the first trailer for Premonition. Sandra Bullock stars as a housewife, who is shocked when her husband dies in a car crash and then reappears the next day. She soon realizes it was a premonition and tries to avoid tragedy, through any means at her disposal. Premonition also stars Julian McMahon, Jeff Galpin, ….

Grind House, Hitcher Remake, White Noise 2, Resident Evil 3, More Trailers

Those of you in the New York area, looking to get some extended previews of upcoming genre films, can do so this weekend. Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors is taking place in Secaucus, NJ, and attendees will be able to see previews from the upcoming flicks Saw III, Pan’s Labyrinth, Ghost Rider, Grind House, Skinwalkers, Black Christmas, Wind Chill, ….