The DeLorean from Back to the Future is making a return to the streets

The DeLorean, famous for sending Mary McFly to the past and back in the Back to the Future movie franchise, is making a long-in-development return to the streets of America.

According to Fox News, the cult-favorite brand – which was rebooted several years ago in Humble, Texas, as a restoration and service outfit for the stainless steel cars – may be coming “back” yet again (in the real world, not the movies).

English mechanic Stephen Wynne purchased the brand name and a stock of original factory parts to maintain the cult classics. He later expanded into manufacturing reproduction parts to fill the gaps.

In 2016, Wynne announced that the company would develop all-new versions of the coupes under the provisions of a newly passed Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturer’s Act, allowing small automakers to build limited quantities of historic replicas without having to meet today’s costly safety requirements. The company has even released a teaser commercial for new DeLorean that will be fully revealed this year and built at a new facility in San Antonio.

Apparently there have been hashtags going around social media that may indicate the new vehicles will be electric. But there hasn’t been any confirmation on that part of the story as of yet. But what we do have is another indication that retro is today!

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