Movement number four, dragon seeks his path. . . Dragon whips his tail!

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By: Bruce Lee
Characters: Tang Lung
From: The Way of the Dragon
Genres: Action | Crime | Martial Arts

Bruce Lee's first encounter with thugs trying to take over his relative's restaurant in Rome, Italy. He says these words as he kicks them unconcious.

Punch the son of a bitch. . . Punch it! Punch it baby!

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By: Steve McQueen
Characters: Carter 'Doc' McCoy
From: The Getaway
Genres: Action | Crime | Cult Cinema | Thrillers

Steve McQueen, as Doc McCoy, says this to his wife Carol McCoy (Ali MacGraw), as she drives their car during an escape from Texas police. They are heading for the Mexican border after robbing a bank in Sam Peckinpah's action cult classic The Getaway.