Film Finance Forum Series announced for this fall

Educational forum organizer Winston Baker today announced the 2010 Film Finance Forum Series this fall, with Variety as the exclusive entertainment media partner. The events will include the 2nd Annual Film Finance Forum East to be held in New York City on September 14th and 15th and Film Finance Forum Zurich to be offered for the first time on September 25th in partnership with Millbrook Pictures during the Zurich Film Festival.

The goal of the 2nd Annual Film Finance Forum East will be to present the investment community with the film industry’s most viable alternative opportunities. This forum’s speaking faculty will address where film finance is heading; explore trends in emerging markets; reveal the next wave of capital sources and deal structures; provide an investment strategy session on what’s making money; discuss how to limit risk from identifying co-financiers to guaranteeing foreign pre-sales; survey film fund case studies that have failed and succeeded; offer advice on how to acquire soft money in hard times; debate the pros and cons of trading box office futures; present real opportunities in the P&A financing market; and propose new distribution models for the next decade.

The focus of Film Finance Forum Zurich will be on investment opportunities and financing strategies for equity and debt providers who are interested in both the European and US film markets.

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