New technology offers on-set behind the scenes movie experience from anywhere

Saddle Ranch Productions recently launched Sul Set, a new and immersive experience for filmmakers and enthusiasts that provides complete access to a film set during its entire production via patent pending technology and a live video stream.

Users can subscribe to Sul Set and see everything that happens behind-the-scenes on a real Hollywood movie set, and interact with the film’s cast and crew through Sul Set’s Live Chat.

“Sul Set was founded to serve as an entertainment tool that fully engages film lovers around the world,” said Kim Sarubbi of Saddle Ranch Productions. “Now no matter where you are, you get the experience of being on a real film production set, including an opportunity to have a dialogue with everyone involved in the movie-making process from start to finish.”

Sul Set’s first project, Grooming Giselle, will begin production in early June and follow cast and crew all the way through the editing process. Prior to the shoot, users will have access to pre-production schedules, casting, photos and early versions of the film script.

For film students and aspiring filmmakers, Sul Set provides a virtual educational internship, where they will gain the same experience as an on-set production assistant or crew member.

Once users subscribe to Sul Set, they have access to the following features:

  • Sul Set Live offers the ability to communicate directly with filmmakers and crew while on set.
  • Learn more about the cast and crew that you are following through their individual profiles.
  • Discover the preliminary casting process through introductory videos or prepare for the next day shoots by checking out shooting schedules and storyboards.
  • Engage with like-minded film enthusiasts from around the world through the Sul Set community.
  • For film students and aspiring filmmakers, sign up to learn more about how to win a chance to be a paid intern on the next Sul Set-enhanced production.

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