First-time writer gets Silver Pictures ‘Convicted’

Silver Pictures has acquired a spec script titled Conviction, an undercover cop thriller from first-time writer and longtime script reader Jon Herman, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project is being shepherded by Warners Bros., where Silver Pictures has been based for many years. The story follows a master bank thief who’s just been released ….

Robots from Jonathan Mostow’s sci-fi thriller Surrogates revealed at New York Comic Con

Disney previewed Pixar’s Up and the Bruce Willis sci-fi thriller the Surrogates at New York Comic Con, over the weekend. Up director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera walked the audience through three very extended clips from the new animated film, and explained the some of the technical challenges in creating the movie, including how ….

Will Hamilton or Schwarzenegger appear in Terminator Salvation? What don’t you fucking understand?

I attended the Warner Brothers panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday, and Terminator Salvation director McG led the audience through some of the current developments in the production. During the panel’s Q&A, a fan asked if the current media blitz over Bale’s verbal lashing of director of photography Shane Hurlbut has hurt the ….

Astro Boy’s butt cannon concept art revealed at New York Comic Con

I saw footage from Imagi Animation’s upcoming computer-animated Astro Boy movie at New York Comic Con over the weekend, at the Summit Entertainment panel moderated by IGN Movies editor-in-chief Eric Moro. Also revealed were detailed concept designs for the film’s characters and technology. Based on the beloved Japanese manga by Osamu Tezuka, the adaptation will ….