A Documentary About Fulfillment

During the annual holidays and New Year’s resolutions, “A Documentary” feature movie is quietly becoming one of the movies to be watched as a reminder that personal fulfillment is one of our most desired goals in life. Director Richard May receives his annual calls from the people the movie has “woken up.” Now that “A Documentary” is being distributed throughhttp://www.indieflix.com, May hopes many more Americans who grapple with depression, anxiety and un-fulfillment will turn to “A Documentary” to help ask themselves the ultimate question – “Am I fulfilled?”

New Year’s resolutions typically include weight loss and financial stability. Now with a handful of loyal fans of “A Documentary,” fulfillment has been put on top of their list. Bert Long from Austin, TX, picked up his guitar after nearly 25 years to rekindle his songwriting career long abandoned. Long now has a CD being released on a Japanese label and is planning a short tour in Japan and his songs are being aired on the radio.

“The movie had a tremendous impact on me. I’ll never forget that day or moment,” reflects Long. “It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Fulfillment is a path not a place and I thank ‘A Documentary’ for showing that to me.”

“A Documentary” features a series of stand-up comics in various stages of their dream’s pursuit. From the professional comic Jimmy Shubert (HBO, Go, Coyote Ugly, One Hour Photo), who headlines clubs across the nation to the seasoned veteran Hope Colt, who offers the wisdom of “just doing what you love.” Intertwined in the story, May follows a person to their death and the reflections and emotions of facing your mortality and evaluating your time on earth. These two seemingly unrelated stories come together at the end to tie May’s ultimate message that life is too short so fulfill your dreams.

“A Documentary” won Best Documentary at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, OK and screened in film festivals in New York, L.A., Chicago, Hollywood, Oklahoma and Texas. As a consequence of its screenings, May has affected a group of people who have changed the course of their lives after “experiencing” the movie.

May says he hears these stories on a regular basis. May believes the movie is only a catalyst for those already grappling with their own demons of un-fulfillment.

“A Documentary” movie asks the ultimate question – “Are you fulfilled? – but really reflects the times of today and today’s society. So, can you find fulfillment in a documentary? Director Richard May can’t answer that; he just hopes people will ask themselves the question after they see the movie.

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