Streaming Short Films From Books

Recently The Book Standard ran a contest for filmmakers to get a chance to film a 30 second short, advertising the hottest new book titles being release in the next month. Three lucky winners had the chance to direct the 30 second shorts, which are streaming on the Book Standard’s web site, as well as

The three titles chosen include Shadow Man, written by Cody McFadyen, about a female FBI agent whose life is destroyed by a madman, and Stuart: A Life Backwards, the biography by Alexander Masters about his friendship with Stuart Shorte, who was, by his own admission, a chaotic, knife-wielding alcoholic with a heroin problem who had spent half his life in prison and the other half on the streets. Film rights for Stuart have been sold to Sam Mendesand HBO. The third book is The Thieves of Heaven, about a master thief, out to steal from The Vatican. This debut thriller from Richard Doetsch, has already been picked up by Fox.

View all three 30 second short films RIGHT HERE

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