Anti-piracy summit announced for December


The industry’s first-ever Entertainment Content Protection Summit was announced today by Variety magazine and the international content protection association, CDSA, to be held on December 8th at the Universal Hilton Hotel, in Universal City, California.

The one-day event will provide content executives from film studios, video games, music and publishing an intensive session on the changing state of content piracy and the newest business strategies for minimizing risk and maximizing profits in today’s world of ubiquitous entertainment.

“The entertainment industry’s treasure — its content — is being plundered by pirates of all kinds,” says Conference Co-Chair Richard Atkinson. “In today’s digital world, we are under siege by organized crime, anonymous hackers, recalcitrant cyberlockers, and even our own customers. This Summit will identify the threats and provide new ways for our industry to go on the offense — taking down or frustrating pirates and even, at times, capitalizing on piracy consumption.”

The preliminary program features:

  • The Advanced Persistent Threat: Cyberthreats and the U.S. response
  • Protecting the Cloud: How to secure our industry’s next generation ecosystem; plus, how to pick the most secure content architecture: converge, diverge, cloud or VPN?
  • From Defense to Offense: Financially capitalizing on entertainment piracy consumption
  • Remember the Music Business: What happened, what we thought we knew, what we know now.
  • Exclusive Anti-piracy and Content Protection Research
  • What about Physical? Safeguarding your company’s “other” assets
  • Sharing the Risk: A plan for an online, centralized industry risk management initiative
  • Anti-piracy Global Report: Where the bad-guys are how we’re chasing them down
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