Win forty bucks worth of Fandango gift cards

Fandango website screenshot
Fandango website screenshot

A great new site called contacted me and made it clear that they’re just itching to give away a four-pack of $10 Fandango coupon codes. Who am I to say no! And these are my favorite type of contests too, because we don’t have to ship anything, just email you free stuff that you can turn into cold, hard cash – or in this case, cold, hard movie tickets.

So I’m giving away this four-pack of $10 Fandango coupon codes to one lucky FilmFetish reader. The only requirement is Fandango coverage in your area and available theaters. And while you’re waiting to see if you’ve won or not, make sure you check out the various gift cards one can snag from

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered to win this and all other contests, your eNews profile must be updated with your current mailing address, not just your email. CLICK HERE for further details and instructions on how update your existing profile, if necessary. Only eNews subscribers are eligible for contest prizes. Sign up for free RIGHT HERE.

In order to be entered into this random drawing, you must also:

  • Reply to this post and name your favorite six movie DIRECTORS that helmed this multi-page list of films RIGHT HERE.

I’ll be running this contest through Friday, May 21, 2010.

More about provides consumers with immediate access to hundreds of retailers’ instant, emailable gift cards. We promote greener gift giving and seek to eliminate the use of wasteful plastic. Our solution has “kiosk-like” usability with unparalleled selection and speed. strives to save you time and energy, without sacrificing any part of your shopping experience.

At, we dislike plastic. Manufacturing plastic gift cards wastes valuable resources and causes destructive gases to be emitted. After production, these plastic bits must be packaged, shipped, stored, likely reshipped, restored, displayed, sold, and then possibly wrapped, packaged, and shipped again. The result? A massive carbon footprint left behind by a little 1/4 ounce card.

The harmful effects of plastic gift cards don’t end there. Plenty Magazine, a leading resource for sustainable living, reported that plastic gift cards account for 75 million pounds of discarded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) each year. PVC is a toxic substance that can contaminate water supplies. EPA studies show that exposure to PVC puts people at increased risk of liver damage, reproductive and developmental health problems, and cancer.

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