Indie Short Film Music and Art Festival 2009

The Indie Short Film, Music and Art Festival (Indie S.F.M.A.) showcases the talents and achievements of emerging artists in independent film, screenwriting, music, and art. Celebrating artistic expression in its various forms, Indie S.F.M.A. delivers great prizes and exposure to industry players for participating filmmakers, as well as a production deal to the top screenplay. Held in various trendy locations throughout Long Beach’s arts district only a 30-minute drive from Los Angeles, Indie S.F.M.A. presents screenings, live performances, and art showcases designed to spotlight today’s most creative emerging talents. Rich in all art forms, Indie S.F.M.A. uniquely brings together artists, professionals, and fans from three industries and boasts a guest list of known and notable filmmakers and industry professionals.

Date: December 12 to 13, 2009
Location: Long Beach, California, USA

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