Sistema launches film and TV production in St. Petersburg


Sistema, the largest public diversified corporation in Russia, recently announced the launch of film and TV production at Russian World Studio (RWS) in St Petersburg. RWS is a subsidiary of Sistema and one of the leading Russian film and TV production companies.

The construction of the first phase of production facilities in St Petersburg was completed in July of this year. The total production studio space encompasses 11,000 square metres, including 6 shooting stages, Dolby Premier dubbing suite, 8 video editing suites, 3 sound editing suites, 2 dubbing suites and a rerecording suite. Sistema plans to build the largest shooting stage in Europe with 2,000 square metres of space, including full service production facilities for movies and TV programmes.

The production studio currently has an annual capacity to shoot 20 projects, including up to 7 movies and TV series simultaneously. RWS has presently in production 3 movies as well as programmes for 5 channels of Stream TV.

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