Your Favorite Sofa in a Movie?

A new business allows ordinary people to place their “stuff” in the movies or television. Hollywood Parts is a business designed to manage all kinds of assets, props, sets and wardrobe for the entertainment industry. In addition to this service, they will store your items and post detailed photos and descriptions online of everything from ordinary castoffs to treasured antiques, for movie decorators and designers to rent or buy for placement in the movies or television.

“Why pay storage and have items just sit in a dusty container, when you can pay the same rate and your treasures can have a chance for stardom!” said Mike Filonczuk, co-founder of Hollywood Parts and “With the high cost of fuel and the LA traffic, more decorators are searching for unique as well as common items on-line. We make it easy for them to find movie dressing and sets on our website and then deliver it to them.”

Hollywood Parts also provides storage and a central clearing house on for all things purchased and created for the entertainment industry so big studios and small productions alike can share assets and help reduce the cost of production and reduce waste. Hollywood Parts uses it own custom designed state of the art software and tracking systems to reduce asset loss during production as well as provide a public web sales outlet for these slightly used assets on-line after the movie or TV production is complete. “The industry is very wasteful” Mike contends, “Productions buy the same items over and over again, and when the production shuts down, they store these barely used yet valuable assets then discard them for the cost to haul them away.” will also store and sell unique conceptual art, digital art, digital video and designs created for famous motion pictures as well as digital effects like explosions and virtual worlds. “You can buy the sofa Denzel sat on or he might sit on a sofa rented from you!” Mike states with enthusiasm. So the next time you go to your storage container or plan to throw out that old toaster or sofa, think twice, it could be the next star of a major motion picture!

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