Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

Tell me this pic from the upcoming G.I. Joe film, of Byung-hun Lee as the ninja Storm Shadow, isn’t cool. That makes two martial artists on the G.I. Joe team for the movie, including Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes (being played by Ray Park).

Teaser poster for Robocop remake hits NYC

This fairly cool looking teaser poster for the new Robocop film surfaced at the Licensing International Expo, so it looks like MGM will definitely be bringing back the Judge Dredd-like crime fighter. Are you living in fear yet. Well, I just saw the Incredible Hulk “remake”. Films like that prove that not all remakes suck. …

New Death Race trailer hits web

Jason Statham is a busy guy. In addition to springing back from the dead in Crank 2: High Voltage (2009), kicking multiple asses in Transporter 3 (November 26, 2008), and robbing coin from the Brazilians (2009), he’ll also be downshifting later this year in Paul W.S. Anderson’s remake of the Roger Corman grindhouse classic Death …

Trailer for Punisher: War Zone now online

Frank Castle is back to Punish the villainous and evil. But not Thomas Jane. I don’t get it. He was the best thing about The Punisher. This time Ray Stevenson takes the guns in hand, and dishes out the retribution. German helmer Lexi Alexander, who directed indie favorite Green Street Hooligans, is directing the movie. …