Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

The Wing Luke Museum is dedicated to telling stories of the Asian American experience, uniquely American stories of survival, success, conflict, compassion and hope. Through guided tours and ongoing exhibitions, visitors experience real life stories of the Asian Pacific American community. The Wing is located in the Chinatown-International District neighborhood, an important part of Seattle’s history and cultural legacy.

All admission options include an all-day pass to our gallery exhibitions.

The Wing was thrust into the the modern pop culture lexicon when it opened the three year exhibition “Do You Know Bruce?,” a rotating showcase profiling the martial arts action film icon. Bruce Lee became a global icon in his 32 years of life, changing the world in the process. More than just an action star, he inspired generations after him. With the “Do You Know Bruce?” exhibition, museum visitors get an up-close look at The Little Dragon’s story, and dig deeper into the significance of Bruce Lee and his impact in media during a time of racial stereotypes and barriers.

Contributor: René Carson

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