Winchester Mystery House

Featured by Good Morning America in 2010, this is the house that Sarah Winchester, the troubled Winchester rifle heiress, built. The story goes that Sarah sought for a way to rid herself of the spirits of those killed by the “Gun that Won the West,” accepted the advice of a medium. That consultation resulted in Sarah spending decades, as well as her $20 million inheritance, obsessively building onto the house. According to legend, everything began when Winchester’s husband and child died suddenly.

Today the house is on display to the public, with gardens, wood work and stained glass throughout. Flashlight tours on Friday the 13th and during October are a trick and a treat, while the Victorian spirit is alive in special light during the December holiday season.

As of May of 2016, Helen Mirren is finalizing a deal to play in the supernatural thriller Winchester, based on the story of the world famous Winchester Mystery House. The horror film is set to be directed early next year by Daybreakers helmers Michael Spierig & Peter Spierig.

Contributor: René Carson