Vue International

Vue International, widely known simply as VUE, is one of the United Kingdom’s leading theater chains. From its inception in May 2003, Vue became a worldwide operator and developer of modern, innovative multiplex cinemas. The Group has grown through acquisition of some of the most respected cinema operations in Europe. Since 2012 Vue has acquired Apollo Cinemas, CinemaxX, Multikino, Space Cinemas and JT Bisocopen. VUE spans ten countries with 211 sites, 1,875 screens, more than 8,500 staff and 90 million customers.

VUE has 85 state of the art cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland, with 813 screens projecting in Sony Digital Cinema 4K for ultra high definition pictures. Vue also offers stadium seating, VIP seats and luxury recliners. The chain’s venue also host special events including opera, ballet, musicals, national theatre, live streaming of sporting events and concerts through to hosting gaming championships and dedicating multiple screens to eGaming arenas.

VUE UK and Ireland was founded following the acquisition of the Warner Village Cinemas in 2003 and is part of the leading cinema group Vue International.

Over the years Vue has won numerous accolades for its service and innovations, including most recently the International Exhibitor of the Year at CineEurope 2014 and Cinema Exhibitor of the Year Screen, Marketing & Distribution Awards 2013.

As of 2016, the Vue International executive team includes Tim Richards (CEO), Alan McNair (Deputy CEO) and Steve Knibbs (COO). Mr. Richards has been noted as one of the “Top Five Entertainment Innovators of the Year” by the Hollywood Reporter and “20 Most Influential People in Film” by The Independent newspaper.

In 2013, Vue International was acquired by OMERS Private Equity, the private equity investment arm of the OMERS pension plan, along with Alberta Investment Management Corporation.

Contributor: René Carson

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