Velveteria: The Museum of Velvet Art

Velveteria houses more than 3,ooo paintings from every corner of the world. The Museum’s mission is to celebrate the art and culture of all peoples. The facility sees interest from Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Europe, the Middle East, Lebanon, UAR Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and everywhere else. Velveteria is located in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles, California and is curated by owners Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin.

The museum was established in 2005 by Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin, California natives living in Portland, Oregon. The museum relocated to a larger space in 2008, with expanded hours of operation. However, rental costs were more than three times higher, proving to be a financial challenge. After four years of operation, Velveteria closed in January 2010 when Anderson and Baldwin decided to relocate to Southern California. Velveteria re-opened in December 2013.

Contributor: René Carson