Super Museum and Souvenir Store

The world famous Superman Museum officially opened in 1993 in the Man of Steel’s official hometown of Metropolis, Illinois on Superman Square. The museum features more than 20,000 items from the life’s work of longtime Superman enthusiast and collector, Jim Hambrick, who has amassed one of the greatest collections of Superman memorabilia in the world.

Among the items showcased in the museum from the iconic superhero’s history are virtually every Superman toy ever produced, along with movie props and promotional materials from all the Superman movies & TV series, including Smallville and Man of Steel, and one of the only George Reeves Superman costumes still in existence.

The musum is organized around particular eras and portrayals of Superman, spanning television, movies, and comics – and is changed frequently.

The Super Museum has received many honors as well including being awarded “#1 Small Town Attraction In America.” It has also been featured on television on The Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Treasures in your Home, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Kovel’s on Collecting, TNN, E Entertainment Television and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as dozens of documentary and news programs around the world.

Contributor: René Carson