Secret Identity Podcast

The Secret Identity Podcast began in March of 2006, when Brian LeTendre and Matt “Matman” Herring decided to start recording the conversations they had about the hobbies they loved. Covering comics, games, movies and more, the Secret Identity Podcast was published twice weekly, and from 2006-2011, a week never went by without a brand new episode of Secret Identity coming out.

The pair recorded more than 1,000 hours of what they described as “solid gold ear candy,” and while there were 350 officially numbered episodes during that time, the actual episodes published totaled over 500. Interviews with more than 300 creators from the comic, game, movie and television industries were featured in episodes of Secret Identity.

In July of 2011, the original version of Secret Identity was retired.

August of 2011 saw the relaunch of the podcast, with a new logo, a new format, and a new website. Dubbed the All-New Secret Identity Podcast, the core of Secret Identity remained the same – two published podcasts a week. One weekly episode featured new comic reviews, with one classic comic review (the “Out of the Longbox” segment). The second of the two weekly episodes was more of a departure from the previous version of Secret Identity, as there were a variety of different segments that made up that show.