Rage of the Gargoyles

Six Flags Entertainment and Samsung Electronics have announced the next evolution of Virtual Reality experiences coming to eight theme parks in the fall of 2016. The company that introduced North America’s first VR Coasters earlier this year, using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus – is taking thrill-seekers on an all-new 360 degree adventure in Rage of the Gargoyles, a chilling, futuristic battle between good and evil featuring the first-ever interactive roller coaster gaming experience.

In Rage of the Gargoyles, riders – wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets – are pilots seated in the cockpit of an Apache-style helicopter. With a devastated cityscape as the backdrop, a fleet of choppers prepares to battle an army of terrorizing, winged creatures. The action-packed adventure begins when riders ascend up the coaster’s lift hill as the blood-thirsty gargoyles mercilessly attack the copter’s fragile glass barrier. The epic on-screen conflict quickly accelerates as the high-definition imagery synchs perfectly to the coaster’s movements sending riders twisting, turning and diving through the hazardous city streets – flying over battered skyscrapers, plunging underneath twisted bridges and dodging falling debris, all while shooting to repel these lethal demons and conquer the vicious master gargoyle. A surprise ending to this fully-immersive virtual odyssey will leave guests breathless, and ready to experience Rage of the Gargoyles over and over again.

This groundbreaking VR coaster gaming experience does not need a touchpad or buttons to activate, allowing riders to keep their hands on the lap bar as they shoot. Instead, the mounted Gatling guns on the helicopters are controlled through head movements and as soon as an attacker is targeted, the weapon automatically fires. Target tracking graphics will display in HMD (Head Mounting Display) style to demonstrate the autofire function.

Rage of the Gargoyles will be available on the following eight roller coasters:

Demon at Six Flags Great America near Chicago
Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey
Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington
Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom near San Francisco
Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia outside of Atlanta
Goliath at La Ronde in Montreal
Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka
Steamin’ Demon at The Great Escape in Lake George, New York

Contributor: René Carson