PollyGrind Film Festival

The PollyGrind Film Festival was also known simply as “Pollygrind” or the PollyGrind Underground Film Festival. The now defunct annual event was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and specialized in all things alternative, showcasing short films, feature-length films, music videos and trailers not shown elsewhere. PollyGrind was founded by filmmaker and promoter Chad Clinton Freeman, who decidedly-focused on “individuality, diversity, creativity and empowerment.”

The event awarded a unique commendations, such as “The Biggest Baddest Mother of the PollyGrind,” “Best Use of Nudity & Sexuality,” “Best Use of Violence & Gore,” “Most Outrageous,” “Bad Girl Award,” “Ultimate Badass Award” and “Most Creative.”

Started in 2010, PollyGrind’s first year was a five-night event with more than a dozen features, many short films, movie trailers and music videos. According to news reports, the quality of the projects ranged from borderline incompetent to undiscovered genius, virtually all within the genres of horror and sci-fi.

The festival began in 2010 and had its last edition in 2014. As of 2016, Theatre 7, the venue that played host to PollyGrind, is also closed.

Contributor: René Carson