On Set with John Carpenter

John Carpenter’s producing partner Debra Hill hired still photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker to be the unit photographer on Halloween. The young shooter soon became a part of Carpenter’s filmmaking family, going on to shoot stills on the sets of some of Carpenter’s most iconic films, including Halloween, The Fog, Escape from New York, Halloween II and Christine.

Collected together in “On Set with John Carpenter” for the first time is the best of that set photography, with iconic, rare and previously unseen images from Gottlieb-Walker’s archives. The plates are accompanied by exclusive commentary from those involved in the productions, including John Carpenter himself, along with other key cast and crew members.

From production stills, to candids of the stars between takes, and the crew in action, alongside portrait shots of the actors who would eagerly pose for Kim, “On Set with John Carpenter” gives an unprecedented glimpse into the action on set with John Carpenter and his movies.

Contributor: René Carson