National Media Market

National Media Market is the premier conference for educational media acquisitions and technology. The event takes place in Baltimore, Maryland.

The National Media Market & Conference celebrates its 38th year in 2016. The event provides a unique opportunity for producers and distributors of educational media to promote new content and platforms through interaction with librarians and other media professionals. The conference offers carefully curated professional development sessions, renowned speakers and multiple opportunities for networking.

The trade show includes a “Market Mania” showcase on the opening day, which highlights participating exhibitors’ newest releases in 7-minute long presentations.

The event was founded by a group of media professionals in Knoxville, Tennessee, who came up with the idea to create an “Educators/Librarians Film Marketplace.” This marketplace was to be sponsored by the Knoxville-Knox County Public Library in cooperation with the Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The event was to be designed to bring buyers and users and sellers together in a professional marketplace atmosphere, permitting each to deal with the product directly and immediately. The Marketplace was a first in America and was intended to draw nationwide attendance. It was to be established to combat the expense and general lack of productive work associated with trade-shows, exhibits, and conferences. The Marketplace was to take the form of a yearly selling conference at which buyers representing all types of institutions and agencies would attend in order to view films and to make purchase decisions.

The cost to attend the 2016 event was approximately $225.

Contributor: René Carson