Kneady Dessert Bars for the Stars Bakery

Kati and Ashley, also known as 2 Baked Girls, are the CEOs & Co-Founders of Kneady. The pair personally create unique and original custom dessert and brunch bars for birthdays, weddings, showers, kids’ parties, corporate events & meetings, VIP celebrity galas, on-set & backstage catering, award shows & after parties, fundraisers, gifting suites, book clubs, brunches and ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ Rhythmic Ceremonial Rituals.

Any nerdy, geek-chic event – the 2 Baked Girls will theme the entire table to any fandom. As of July 2016, the 2 Baked Girls do not have a storefront location, they rent commercial kitchen space, so every online order and catering event is made to order and does not include any preservatives.

According to their official website, Kati and Ashley met in freshman year of high school. Most of the time they ditched class to go to Disneyland or diners in Hollywood or just watched movies all day. When they did go to school, no one would enter into conversation with them because they quoted movies too much.