iPic Theaters

iPic Theaters operates a chain of high-end, dine-in movie theaters in the United States. At iPic, “ninja servers” clad in black provide table service to moviegoers in plush, reclining seats. Premium seats in auditoriums come with a blanket and pillow. Food at all locations is designed by celebrity chefs.

Hamid Hashemi, a former real estate executive, is the founder and CEO of iPic Theaters. Hashemi purchased his first cinema in 1984, but a higher-end operator opened down the street, with the latest screen and audio technology, effectively taking his market away. Vowing to never let that happen again, Hashemi started iPic Theaters with the idea of bringing luxury movie theaters and eateries to movie fans.

When iPic opened its first location in December of 2007 at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, Wisconsin, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted that Hashemi was a former chief executive officer of Muvico Theaters.

iPic relies heavily on repeat customers, offering membership programs that reward repeat ticket buyers.

iPic’s in-house eatery brands include Big Daddy’s Brew & Que, The Tuck Room, City Perch Kitchen + Bar, Tanzy Restaurant, iPic Express and The Bar + Lounge at iPic. Not all of these venues are available at all locations.

Contributor: René Carson