International Independent Video Store Day

The VCR was invented 30 years ago and “home video” was born. Enterprising entrepreneurs bought pre-recorded magnetic tapes featuring Hollywood movies and rented them to the public to watch at home. Studios cried foul but were ultimately shot down in court and an industry that has spanned decades flourished and forever changed the way we watch and appreciate movies.

Big business, smelling success, muscled it’s way in with bags of money and ultimately soured the milk for independent retailers and customers alike. Now, the high-speed connectivity of the internet has again brought upheaval and change to the home video marketplace, knocking the corporate players in the teeth and creating a pervasive cultural malaise regarding the viability of hard copy product as a desirable item for consumers.

But the Independent Video Store didn’t die off. Although many have cashed out, laid down or given in, many are still here. Thriving on customer service, eclectic selections and a voracious dedication to the media. Carving out a niche market, feeding the needs of film lovers looking for something other than the mediocrity spoon-fed to them by mainstream media outlets.

In an attempt to consolidate the power of the thousands of independently owned video stores still in operation across the continent and worldwide, International Independent Video Store Day was created. This international event will be celebrated and observed the third Saturday of October each year. It’s purpose is to promote the idea of supporting your local, independent video stores. Stores owned and staffed by human beings who can be relied upon for reviews and recommendations and who truly love what they do – otherwise, why else would they still be doing it?

Film fans, directors, actors, producers, screen writers, distributors, labels and anyone in the home entertainment film industry who has a vested interest in working together to promote this industry from the bottom up, should take this day to join with us as independently owned video stores across the world act together, unified in purpose to take a stand and to celebrate the rich history and promising future of home video!

Saturday October 15th, 2016 was the sixth official International Independent Video Store Day.

Contributor: René Carson