Brew And View Chicago

The Brew & View is The Vic Theatre’s alter ego, transforming the theatre from live music venue to movie house. Bars are open throughout the films, creating a cinematic experience miles away from the strip-mall multiplex. Movies at Brew & View tend to be second- and third-run, as well as cult and underground favorites. Admission to most of our movies is just $5.

The lubricated crowd will often speak along with the dialogue or even dance (go see ‘Grease’ there). If you want to quietly concentrate on the movie, this is the wrong place. But if you want to see an old or new favorite for five bucks with your friends while drinking cheap beers, this is paradise.

In November 2014 the Brew & View made major improvements to their projection equipment, including a new projector, new screen and new audio equipment.

Contributor: René Carson