Oct 26th Birthdays

  • Bob Hoskins

October Releases

  • HBO Max
    Streaming/VOD Territory Launch - 10/26
  • Halloween Kills
    U.S. Theatrical - 10/15
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond
    Season 02 (VOD) - 10/1
  • ROH
    Streaming/VOD Premiere - 10/29
  • MIR4
    Game Update - 10/5

October Events

  • Studio Ghibli Fest 2021: Howl’s Moving Castle
    Film Screening - 10/24 – 10/28
  • Adobe MAX Creative Conference
    Trade Show - 10/26 – 10/28
  • James Bond Day
    Cultural Celebration - 10/5
  • TCM Big Screen Classics Presents: The Silence of the Lambs 30th Anniversary
    Film Screening - 10/17 – 10/20
  • Shout! Factory TV 31 Nights Of Horror
    Screening Series - 10/1 – 10/31

Stealth film synopsis

Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) directs this action thriller following a futuristic jet guided by a computer brain. Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx are the human leads, but Mr. Cohen’s nifty flying sequences are the real stars here. Stealth even sneaks in some thoughts on fighting wars without the human …

Yes film synopsis

Some kind of polemical erotic fable from the British filmmaker Sally Potter, moved to contrive a variation on “Hiroshima, mon amour” in the aftermath of September 11. She casts Joan Allen as an adulterous wife who leaves husband Sam Neill in Paris to pursue a Middle-Eastern lover to Beirut. The affair is ornamented by dialogue …

Shadow of a Doubt

One of Hitchcock’s earlier films released in 1943 starring Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright. This movie is very suspenseful and shows why the well loved director is the father of the suspense thriller. Cotten plays Charlie, a lonely drifter decides to visit his older sister and her family in Santa Rosa California. Young Charlie, played …

Gibson to Make Another Ancient Language Film

Actor-director Mel Gibson is well on his way to cornering a new niche market in Hollywood – movies written in ancient languages. A year after breaking box-office records with “The Passion of the Christ,” which was shot in Aramaic, Latin and Hebrew, Gibson has struck a deal with the Walt Disney Co. to release his …

Case #7: Rob Zombie: Filmmaker or Film …Screw Up…Guy (Part 1)

This Weeks Case: Rob Zombie: Filmmaker or Film …Screw Up…Guy  Part 1: House of 1000 Corpses Released: 2003 Written and Directed by: Rob Zombie Starring: Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Karen Black, and Sheri Moon Zombie Synopsis: In House of 1000 Corpses, four road-tripping twenty-somethings seeking information about a local serial killer named Dr. Satan, find themselves kidnapped and tortured …

Q: Where is This Week’s Column?

A: It’s on its way. I’m in the process of transferring all of my earthly belongings from one stink-cloister to another (slightly more expensive) stink-cloister. However! Check here late Sunday night for a thrilling double column featuring Rob Zombie’s first feature film, House of 1000 Corpses, and its sequel (which, for the record, has already become an …

Case #6: From Hell

This Week’s Case: From Hell Released: 2001 Director(s): Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes Starring: Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, Ian Holm, Robbie Coltrane Synopsis: Based on the comic by Allen Moore, From Hell is the story of an eccentric police inspector with psychic tendencies (Depp) who is placed in charge of capturing Jack the Ripper during the notorious murderer’s historic …

Lila Says film review

Director Ziad Doueiri’s Lila Says is a portrait of how sexual and racial tension, coupled with young passion and innocent curiosity can create a very volatile mix. Lila starts out as the title character has just moved into a predominantly Arab neighborhood in France. She encounters 19 year old Chimo as he is hanging out …

Case #4: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

This Week’s Case: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Released: 1993 Director: Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm Starring: The Voices of Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany, Abe Vigoda, and Mark Hamill Synopsis: A new villain, The Phantasm, is murdering its way through the Gotham underworld all the while leading police to believe that Batman has turned to homicide. The plot thickens …

Wolverine to be produced by Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s recently formed Seed Productions has signed a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox, and includes a spinoff film centering on his X-Men character, Wolverine, Variety reported. Jackman and his producing partner, John Palermo, are awaiting a final draft of the script from screenwriter David Benioff (writer of Troy). Production on Wolverine won’t begin …

Lindsey Lohan on Partying Too Hard

Lindsay Lohan, star of Disney’s upcoming Herbie: Fully Loaded, told SCI FI Wire that last year, in which she garnered attention for her hard-partying, was like her first year away at college, but she added that she’s putting all that behind her. “My last year was the year I would’ve been in college, for my …

Herbie Used 37 Actual VW Cars

Angela Robinson, director of Herbie: Fully Loaded, told Sci Fi Wire that she used 37 vintage Volkswagen beetles to portray the title car, a VW with a mind of its own. “There were 37 ’63 VW bugs,” Robinson said in an interview. “I have dibs on one. He’s on tour right now.” Robinson used actual …

Elf 2 moving forward without Ferrell for now

Will Ferrell hasn’t yet signed to star, but New Line continues to prep a sequel to Ferrell’s hit fantasy comedy film Elf, Variety reported. The studio has signed Old School and Starsky & Hutch writer Scot Armstrong to start work on Elf 2; he did an uncredited rewrite on the original Elf, which grossed $173 …

Monkey’s Paw Coming From Ghost House

Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures will develop the horror family film Monkey’s Paw, based on a pitch from writers Dave Kajganich and Tom McAlister, for Raimi and partner Rob Taper to produce, Variety reported. Paw centers on a father who brings home an artifact rumored to make any wish come true, with strings attached.

What’s Next for Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is in negotiations to star opposite Clive Owen in the Alfonso Cuaron-helmed sci-fi movie Children of Men, Variety reported. Strike Entertainment is producing the adaptation of P.D. James’ novel for Universal Pictures, set to start production in September. Children of Men would wrap in time for Moore to move over to another sci-fi …

Super Ex is after Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is in negotiations to star in the film Super Ex, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ivan Reitman (director of Evolution) is set to direct the film, which is being produced by Gavin Polone from a script by Don Payne, an Emmy winner as writer and co-executive producer of The Simpsons, the trade reported. …