Michael Mann’s Band of the Hand Blu-ray

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Welcome to the jungle, Miami-style, where fast cars, dirty deals, hot women, and acid-washed jeans all come with the turf. While serving time in a grueling rehab program in Florida’s Everglades, five young felons bond together to form an unlikely union. When they return to Miami’s dangerous ghetto, the five former criminals wage a lethal war on the drug kingpins who rule the underworld of murder and mayhem. BAND OF THE HAND goes for the jugular, never once loosening its grip until its heart-stopping climax!

Cast and crew include Stephen Lang (Don t Breathe), Michael Glaser (TV’s Starsky & Hutch), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Lauren Holly (What Women Want), Leon (Above the Rim), James Remar (TV’s Sex & the City), and James Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig & the Angry Inch).

Special Features

  • DOUBLE-SIDED BLU-RAY WRAP! featuring alternate artwork


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