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Close Encounters of the Third Kind 40th Anniversary John Williams Music Soundtrack – Limited Edition Set

Currently Unavailable
CDSKU: 180128-70280-1
UPC: 826924143322
Part No: LLLCD1433
Weight: 1.02 lbs
Condition: NewCD with liner creaseSKU: 180810-70280-2
UPC: 826924143322
Part No: LLLCD1433
Weight: 1.02 lbs
Condition: NM Near Mint - This item is used, but in mint to near mint condition. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

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Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Throwback Space
Formats: CD
Genres: Drama | Mystery | Science Fiction
Studio: Columbia Tri-Star | La-La Land Records
Original U.S. Release: December 14, 1977
Rating: PG
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La-La Land Records, Sony Music and Columbia Pictures present CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND: 40th ANNIVERSARY REMASTERED LIMITED EDITION, a special 2-CD set featuring a newly restored and remastered presentation of Academy Award-Winning composer John Williams’ (JAWS, STAR WARS, SCHINDLER’S LIST) original motion picture score to the 1977 landmark feature film CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Richard Dreyfuss and Teri Garr. Maestro Williams’ score personifies this classic film’s boundless wonder – searching through, and communicating with, the deep expanses of space as it also explores the unknowable mysteries of the human soul.

This deluxe 2-CD edition, meticulously produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino, in consultation with the composer and director, was inspired by the discovery that Williams had originally planned the soundtrack as a 75-minute double LP. Disc One of this presentation takes its lead from that initial intent, expanding and organizing the score as a grand symphony contained on a single disc. Disc Two offers an equally fresh experience of the score, comprised of discrete versions of cues, alternates and selections not heard on Disc One, plus many of the 1977 album tracks, as well as previously unreleased source music recorded for the film. Matessino’s exclusive liner notes explore this iconic, majestic score, while Jim Titus’ art design handsomely recalls all those joyous feelings generated by one of the greatest science fiction film experiences of all time.

Special Features

  • Remastered Edition
  • Limited Edition of 5000 Units
  • Includes Previously Unreleased Material


  • Disc One - Expanded Soundtrack
  • Main Title and The Vision
    Navy Planes
    Lost Squadron
    Into the Tunnel and Chasing UFOs
    Crescendo Summit
    False Alarm and The Helicopter
    Barry’s Kidnapping
    Forming the Mountain
    TV Reveals / Across Country
    The Mountain
    The Cover-up and Base Camp
    The Escape
    Climbing the Mountain
    Outstretched Hands
    The Light Show
    The Mothership
    The Dialogue
    The Returnees
    The Appearance of the Visitors
    End Titles
  • Disc Two - Alternates and Additional Music
  • Main Title
    Roy’s First Encounter
    Encounter at Crescendo Summit
    Chasing UFOs
    Watching the Skies
    Vision Takes Shape
    Another Vision
    False Alarm
    The Abduction of Barry
    The Cover-up
    TV Reveals
    Roy and Jillian on the Road
    I Can’t Believe It’s Real
    Across the Fields
    Stars and Trucks
    Who Are You People?
    The Escape (Alternate)
    Climbing Devils Tower
    Dark Side of the Moon
    The Approach
    Night Siege
    The Conversation
    Contact (Alternate)
    Eleventh Commandment
    TV Western
    Lava Flow
    The Five Tones
    Advance Scout Greeting
    The Dialogue (Early Version)
    Resolution and End Title


  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Runtime: 78:42 - Disc One, 74:26 - Disc Two

Cast: Adrienne Campbell | Bob Balaban | Francois Truffaut | J. Patrick McNamara | Lance Henriksen | Melinda Dillon | Richard Dreyfuss | Teri Garr
Directors: Steven Spielberg
Project Name: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Composers: John Williams

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