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Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Series 20-Disc DVD Box Set

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Once upon a time, Jill, Sabrina & Kelly were police officers whose skills were being wasted in menial duties. A mysterious millionaire named Charles Townsend took them away from all that by opening his own private investigation agency and hiring these gorgeous ladies as his operatives with John Bosley acting as their assistant and liaison.

Starring all of the Angels in all their adventures from one of the sexiest cult classic shows in television history.

Charlie’s Angels stars Kate Jackson (TV’s Scarecrow and Mrs. King), Farrah Fawcett (TV’s The Burning Bed), Jaclyn Smith (The Bourne Identity), Cheryl Ladd (Poison Ivy), Shelley Hack (The Stepfather) and Tanya Roberts (TV’s That ’70s Show).

Guest Stars Include:

Season One

  • Bo Hopkins (Midnight Express)
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black)
  • David Ogden Stiers (TV’s M*A*S*H)
  • Diana Muldaur (TV’s L.A. Law)
  • Anne Ramsey (The Goonies)
  • Richard Mulligan (TV’s Empty Nest)
  • Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential)
  • Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul)
  • John Agar (Sands of Iwo Jima)
  • Tom Selleck (TV’s Magnum P.I.)
  • Robert Loggia (Big)
  • Hugh O’Brien (TV’s The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp)
  • G.W. Bailey (Police Academy)
  • Rene Auberjonois (TV’s Benson)
  • Dick Sargent (TV’s Bewitched)
  • Fernando Lamas (The Merry Widow)
  • Ida Lupino (Ship of Fools)

Season Two

  • Sammy Davis Jr. (Ocean’s 11)
  • Craig T. Nelson (TV’s Coach)
  • Norman Fell (TV’s Three’s Company)
  • Don Ho (Music Legend)
  • Edward Andrews (Sixteen Candles)
  • Jim Backus (TV’s Gilligan’s Island)
  • Phil Silvers (TV’s The Phil Silvers Show)
  • James Darren (TV’s TJ Hooker)
  • Carole Cook (Sixteen Candles)
  • Ross Martin (TV’s The Wild Wild West)
  • Scott Colomby (Caddyshack)
  • Gene Barry (TV’s Bat Masterson)
  • Martin Kove (The Karate Kid)
  • Robert Pine (TV’s CHiPs)
  • James Sikking (TV’s Hill Street Blues)
  • Bibi Besch (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
  • Dan O’Herlihy (RoboCop)
  • Vincent Schiavelli (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  • Barry Bostwick (TV’s Spin City)
  • Dirk Benedict (TV’s The A-Team)
  • Bill Duke (Predator)

Season Three

  • Dean Martin (Cannonball Run)
  • Scatman Crothers (The Shining)
  • Vic Morrow (Twilight Zone: The Movie)
  • Dick Sargent (TV’s Bewitched)
  • Michael Conrad (TV’s Hill Street Blues)
  • Robert Urich (TV’s Vega$)
  • James Hong (Blade Runner)
  • Stephen Collins (TV’s 7th Heaven)
  • Jackie Stewart (Formula One Driver)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies)
  • Casey Kasem (TV’s Scooby Doo)
  • Ray Wise (RoboCop)
  • Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet)
  • Gary Collins (TV’s Iron Horse)
  • Robert Davi (Die Hard)
  • Billy Barty (Willow)
  • Jonathan Frakes (TV’s Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • David Hedison (TV’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • Lyle Talbot (TV’s The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
  • John McIntire (TV’s Wagon Train)
  • Bubba Smith (Police Academy)
  • Cesare Danova (Mean Streets)
  • Audrey Landers (TV’s Dallas)
  • James Sikking (TV’s Hill Street Blues)

Season Four

  • Bert Convy (TV’s Tattletales)
  • Bo Hopkins (Midnight Express)
  • Dick Sargent (TV’s Bewitched)
  • Gavin MacLeod (TV’s The Love Boat)
  • Bernie Kopell (TV’s The Love Boat)
  • Fred Grandy (TV’s The Love Boat)
  • Ted Lange (TV’s The Love Boat)
  • Lauren Tewes (TV’s The Love Boat)
  • Cameron Mirtchell (TV’s The High Chaparral)
  • Steve Kanaly (TV’s Dallas)
  • Kim Cattrall (TV’s Sex and the City)
  • Timothy Dalton (The Living Daylights)
  • Sally Kirkland (JFK)
  • Richard Lynch (Halloween)
  • Ed Begley Jr. (TV’s St. Elsewhere)
  • Joanna Barnes (The Parent Trap)
  • Rene Auberjonois (TV’s Benson)
  • Gary Collins (TV’s Iron Horse)
  • Jo Ann Pflug (MASH)
  • Nita Talbot (Night Shift)
  • Beverly Garland (TV’s My Three Sons)
  • Dick Gautier (Fun with Dick and Jane)
  • Cesar Romero (TV’s Batman)
  • Robert Englund (Freddy vs. Jason)
  • Louis Jordan (Octopussy)
  • Tab Hunter (Polyester)
  • Joanna Pettet (Casino Royale)
  • Barbara Stanwyck (Double Indemnity)
  • Robert Loggia (Scarface)
  • Ray Milland (Dial M for Murder)
  • Robert Reed (TV’s The Brady Bunch)
  • Patrick Duffy (TV’s Dallas)

Season Five

  • Jack Albertson (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Vic Morrow (Twilight Zone: The Movie)
  • Christopher Lee (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)
  • Cameron Mitchell (TV’s The High Chaparral)
  • Jane Wyman (TV’s Falcon Crest)
  • Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet)
  • Patti D’Arbanville (TV’s New York Undercover)
  • Antonio Fargas (TV’s Starsky & Hutch)
  • Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • Sonny Bono (Airplane II: The Sequel)
  • Richard Jaeckel (The Dirty Dozen)
  • Lyle Waggoner (TV’s The Carol Burnett Show)
  • Barbi Benton (TV’s Hee Haw)
  • Randolph Mantooth (TV’s Emergency!)
  • Soon-Tek Oh (The Man with the Golden Gun)
  • Dan Haggerty (TV’s The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams)
  • Patrick Wayne (Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger)
  • Richard Anderson (TV’s The Six Million Dollar Man)
  • Edd Byrnes (TV’s 77 Sunset Strip)
  • Gene Barry (TV’s Bat Masterson)
  • Joanna Cassidy (Blade Runner)
  • Branscombe Richmond (TV’s Renegade)
  • David Hedison (TV’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • Sally Kirkland (JFK)
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers (TV’s James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party)


Season One

Disc 1

The Mexican Connection
Night of The Strangler
Angels in Chains

Disc 2

Target: Angels
The Killing Kind
To Kill an Angel
Lady Killer
Consenting Adults

Disc 3

The Séance
Angels on Wheels
Angel Trap
The Big Tap-Out
Angels on a String
Dirty Business

Disc 4

The Vegas Connection
Terror on Ward One
Dancing in the Dark
I Will Be Remembered
Angels at Sea
The Blue Angels

Season Two

Disc 5

Angels in Paradise: Part 1
Angels in Paradise: Part 2
Angels on Ice: Part 1
Angels on Ice: Part 2
Pretty Angels All in a Row
Angel Flight
Circus of Terror

Disc 6

Angel in Love
Unidentified Flying Angels
Angels on the Air
Angel Baby
Angels in the Wings
Magic Fire
Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper

Disc 7

Angels on Horseback
Game, Set, Death
Hours of Desperation
Diamond in the Rough
Angels in the Backfield
The Sandcastle Murders

Disc 8

Angel Blues
Mother Goose is Running for His Life
Little Angels of the Night
The Jade Trap
Angels on the Run
Antique Angels

Season Three

Disc 9

Angels in Vegas: Part 1
Angels in Vegas: Part 2
Angel Come Home
Angel on High
Angels in Springtime
Winning is for Losers

Disc 10

Haunted Angels
Pom Pom Angels
Angels Ahoy
Mother Angel
Angel on My Mind
Angels Belong in Heaven

Disc 11

Angels in the Stretch
Angels on Vacation
Counterfeit Angels
Disco Angels
Terror on Skis: Part 1
Terror on Skis: Part 2

Disc 12

Angel in a Box
Teen Angels
Marathon Angels
Angels in Waiting
Rosemary, for Remembrance
Angels Remembered

Season Four

Disc 13

Love Boat Angels: Part 1
Love Boat Angels: Part 2
Angels Go Truckin’
Avenging Angel
Angels at the Altar
Fallen Angel
Caged Angel

Disc 14

Angels on the Street
The Prince and the Angel
Angels on Skates
Angels on Campus
Angel Hunt
Cruising Angels

Disc 15

Of Ghosts and Angels
Angel’s Child
One of Our Angels Is Missing
Catch a Falling Angel
Homes $weet Homes
Dancin’ Angels

Disc 16

Harrigan’s Angel
An Angel’s Trail
Nips and Tucks
Three for the Money
Toni’s Boys
One Love… Two Angels: Part 1
One Love… Two Angels: Part 2

Season Five

Disc 17

Angel in Hiding: Part 1
Angel in Hiding: Part 2
To See an Angel Die
Angels of the Deep
Island Angels

Disc 18

Waikiki Angels
Hula Angels
Moonshinin’ Angels
He Married an Angel

Disc 19

Taxi Angels
Angel on the Line
Chorus Line Angels
Stuntwomen Angels

Disc 20

Attack Angels
Angel on a Roll
Mr. Galaxy
Let Our Angel Live


  • Number of Discs: 20
  • Runtime: 5754
  • Audio: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Region: 1

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