Immortal Shaolin: The Past, Present and Future of Kung Fu at Million Dollar Theater Los Angeles (2023)

Experiences, Panel Discussions, Sports-Related Celebrations | Nov 12, 2023

Million Dollar Theater

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Immortal Shaolin is a rare event between the Shaolin Temple—the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu—and Immortal Studios, the entertainment powerhouse that’s elevating the genre of martial arts storytelling known as Wuxia.

This landmark event will bring you on a journey from Shaolin’s 1,500-year-old origins, all the way to its present influence in everything from films and television to its profound spiritual teachings just now being discovered by quantum physics. During the one-time-only experience the Abbot Shi Young and Shaolin monks share their teachings through meditation, internal energy practices, and martial artistry—alongside a community of people passionate about the possibilities of human potential.

Immortal Shaolin: The Past, Present and Future of Kung Fu is presented in conjunction with the Martial Arts History Museum and takes place at the Million Dollar Theater in Downtown Los Angeles.