Silent City Film Festival (2023)

Film Festivals | Oct 4 - Oct 8, 2023

Deep Dive Ithaca

United States > New York > Ithaca > > 14850

Silent City Film Festival is described as a five day festival dedicated to the virtual and visual relationship of music and film. The 2023 edition takes place in Ithaca, New York at Deep Dive.

For more than 100 years music and film have experienced a thriving and constantly evolving relationship. From the live musical accompaniment of silent films at the turn of the 20th century, the the proliferation of popular music woven into the fabric of feature films, to the explosion of music videos in the 80s, to today: a world where it has never been more accessible to set music to images in motion as we move through the world armed with pocket-sized film studios, cameras, software, and millions of hours of audio at our fingertips.

The stated goal of the festival is to treat attendees to an exciting blend of feature-length and short films, video art and music videos, roundtable discussions, exhibits, and performances… all exploring the interconnectivity and accessibility of music and motion pictures.