Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm to play Captain America?

Chris Evans, who played Johnny Storm in two Fantastic Four films, has been offered the role of Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America, according to HeatVisionBlog. According to the report, Marvel has not confirmed this development however. Apparently Evans could star in up to three Captain America films, plus The Avengers films and ….

Sony sets date for Spider-Man 4 and Marvel delays Thor and The Avengers, but signs The Wrestler for Iron Man 2

Late last week, Sony set a May 6th, 2011 release date for Spider-Man 4, while Spider-Man franchise co-producer Marvel Studios locked up later slots than previously announced for three other upcoming comic films, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As a result, Marvel tentpoles will kick-off the summer box office for three straight years, beginning with ….