You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping! There is another world beneath it - the real world. And if you wanna survive it, you better learn to PULL THE TRIGGER!

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By: Wesley Snipes
Characters: Blade
From: Blade (1998)
Genres: Action | Comic Based | Crime | Cult Cinema | Drama | Fantasy | Martial Arts | Suspense | Thrillers | Vampires

Deacon Frost returning for a Blade prequel trilogy?

The 1998 film Blade, still holds a special place in the lexicon of comic films. The movie, which starred Wesley Snipes as the half-vampire hero, put Marvel on the map as a viable studio, and catapulted director Stephen Norrington into mainstream status (at least for a while). Unfortunately, since that time, the Blade franchise has …