Watchmen screenwriter discusses Illustrated Man and Frankie Machine

Alex Tse – who wrote the screenplay for Watchmen – spoke exclusively with about the upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic The Illustrated Man, which Zack Snyder is also attached to helm, and the Michael Mann crime thriller Frankie Machine, based on the Don Winslow novel about a retired hitman lured back into ….

New scenes revealed in UK trailer for Watchmen and other Zack Snyder project updates

Ain’t It Cool posted this Uk version of the Watchmen trailer, and it has some additional footage for fanboys to salivate over, including Rorschach as a child, and the original Silk Spectre, along with assorted action sequences. That cool Smashing Pumpkins song is still attached, but it clearly has more stuff in it. What’s also ….

Scribe ready for live action Ninja Scroll movie

One of my all time favorite Japanese anime films is getting the big-screen, blockbuster treatment from Warners’. I love anime, but especially love the more adult-oriented stories, with purposeful violence. The kid’s stuff well…that’s for kids. According to the report by The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Tse, who wrote the Watchmen adaptation, as well as the ….

Sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury to attend Comic Con panel on new film based on his short story Chysalis

Read a very exciting story on a website called, that I had to share. Ray Bradbury is apparently going to attend the trailer premiere for director Tony Baez Milan’s film Chrysalis, at San Diego Comic Con later this month! The film is an adaptation of Bradbury’s short story. He, along with some of ….