The Collective (2023) | Streaming/VOD Premiere | Aug 4, 2023

The Collective refers to a mysterious agency of assassins. Their new recruit, Sam Alexander (Lucas Till), discovers a dangerous human trafficking group during his first assignment and finds himself going rogue. Directed by Tom DeNucci, The Collective stars Lucas Till, Ruby Rose, Tyrese Gibson, Don Johnson, Mercedes Varnado, Paul Ben-Victor, John Fiore, Julia Terranova, Levon ….

Tombstone Bu-ray review

Tombstone was another 90s-era action film that supplied a large all-star cast, which included Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Dana Delany, Jason Priestly and Charlton Heston. However, unlike many of its contemporaries (I’m talking about big 90’s action films, not specifically Westerns) Tombstone also delivered a solid – although flawed and sometimes ….