Troma Films acquires film rights to James Glickenhaus cult classics Maniac Cop, Exterminator, Frankenhooker and more

Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment announced today that the indie cult label will be exclusively distributing James Glickenhaus’ Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment film library, which includes Maniac Cop, Frankenhooker, Basket Case 2 and 3, The Exterminator, Shakedown, McBain, Red Scorpion and more, comprising some of the most iconic cult films of all time. New York-born James Glickenhaus began ….

Golden Globe-nominated Blue Valentine release date moved up

The Weinstein Company has moved up the release of Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling’s anticipated film Blue Valentine to Wednesday, December 29th, giving the movie a two-day head start going into the holiday weekend. According to the studio, the release date move was fueled by Blue Valentine’s impressive word of mouth and strong critical response, ….