Troma Films acquires film rights to James Glickenhaus cult classics Maniac Cop, Exterminator, Frankenhooker and more

Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment announced today that the indie cult label will be exclusively distributing James Glickenhaus’ Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment film library, which includes Maniac Cop, Frankenhooker, Basket Case 2 and 3, The Exterminator, Shakedown, McBain, Red Scorpion and more, comprising some of the most iconic cult films of all time. New York-born James Glickenhaus began ….

Original Hulk Lou Ferrigno’s new action film Liberator to screen at Stan Lee convention

Lou Ferrigno’s (The original Incredible Hulk) new action short film Liberator, a 20-minute presentation pilot, is set to screen twice on Comikaze Con weekend, on September 15th and 16th. On Saturday the 15th, Liberator will open for the Stan Lee documentary With Great Power. The double whammy begins at 7PM at the Downtown Independent Theater. ….

Chiller Theater Spring 2009

Title: Chiller TheaterLocation: Hilton Parsippany, One Hilton Court, Parsippany, NJ 07054Link out: Click hereDescription: Horror, comic and movie fan and memorabilia convention. Guests will include: John Amplas Martin Dawn of the Dead George Romero Director Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow 2 Eric Roberts Star 80 The Dark Knight Heroes Luigi Cozzi Director of Contamination, Starcrash ….