John Grisham thriller The Testament being adapted into a film

John Grisham, who for ten years refused to sell movie rights to his 1999 bestselling novel The Testament, has apparently had a change of heart, according to Variety. Producers Mark Johnson and Hunt Lowry, along with 821 Entertainment, have optioned the book, which revolves around a billionaire who defies his greedy relatives and leaves his ….

Guillermo del Toro takes on Charles Dickens and gets genre directing gigs for years to come

According to Variety, Guillermo del Toro is booked with New Line and Universal Studios film projects through 2017, and possibly longer. Del Toro’s first priority, which has been talked about for months, is the New Line and MGM epic project The Hobbit, which he has committed the next five years to developing, with Peter Jackson, ….